OmniBroad Solutions LLC. will assist you in successfully understanding your present and future networking challenges.

We are in the business of providing voice and data communications consulting including the analysis, planning and implementation of wireless networks and telecommunications projects.

Wireless Site Surveys


As the first and important process in designing wireless networks. At Omnibroad Solutions, we involve the following processes in conducting site surveys.

  • RF Bandwidth Requirements
  • RF Range and Coverage Evaluation
  • RF Interference /Spectrum analysis
  • Security
  • Product Selection
  • Network Design
  • Final Report

We deliver a detailed benchmark report on the RF environment with our design recommendations upon completion. These steps are critically put into consideration to design, secure and deploy a wireless network.

We have well trained and experienced Engineers who work hard to collect the data and information to design a wireless network that will suit your organization. During out site survey we make a thorough physical analysis of your facility. We put into consideration factors like walls, closets, stored goods etc as every physical object has a varying impact on the radio wave propagation necessary for wireless operation. We also consider your environmental radio frequency characteristics which we capture during spectrum analysis.

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